Aliens in Pakistan

Alien on Earth: This time in                    Pakistan 

There are many conspiracies theories about the existence of alien life on Earth. Some people believe that aliens already exist on earth. Some people have claimed that they have seen an unidentified flying object.
Last year the Pentagon released the video of an unidentified flying object.
According to the Pentagon, the granular videos, which show "unknown aerial phenomena," were first released to the public, and some people think they sound strange. The video shows that the UFO is moving so quickly.
Last June, Trump ignited the discussion about an alien on the Earth.
Trump told ABC News.  "And I have seen, and I have read, and I have heard. And I had a very brief meeting on that," he says.
According to the first British British astronaut in the space that aliens definitely exist on the Earth and they may be living among us. Many senators in England believe that alien exists in the universe.

Three weeks ago, there are viral pictures on social media in Pakistan in which different people who claimed that they saw an unidentified object but disappear suddenly. They first think that it is the Pakistani Air force with regular flight but the motion of UFO suspected them that it is something else.
The people's wanted the government to investigate the matter.

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