Can china attack india?

The United States, India, and  Pakistan, china: A triangle of Politics

 Indian soldiers were killed in a rocket attack by the Chinese army in Sikkim. Many sources say that the Indian Army is hiding the news. Congress party repeatedly accuses the Bjp that why China is inside the territory of India. For more than one week, China Army has been intruded on inside the Sikkim.
Several analysts said that India has been constantly revoked maps with Pakistan, China, and Nepal. Recently, Nepal has also introduced his own map.
There are also other factors involved in this muscle battle between China and India. China has deeply influenced South Asia which is against the United States policy for Asia.

China has dominated the whole world having a trade deficit of 72$ BN with India only. The GDP of China is more than 13 trillion and the GDP of India is less than 3 trillion. There is a major power gap between China and India.
In order to push out china from the South Asia region,  the United States is supporting India against China. This rift between China and America has created a cold war-like scenario in the asian region which will affect the political system of a region.

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