China new strategy attack on India

China New clash with India kills two Indian Army men

Three Indian soldiers, including a commanding officer, have been killed in a "violent face-off" with Chinese soldiers in the Galwan Valley in Ladakh, where the two sides have been ranged against each other.
Little news has been reported about this tragic incident.
It was not shot by gun but hand to hand combat.
Now more information has been coming.
For more than two weeks, India challenges China's sovereignty by changing the unilateral action of changing the status of occupied Kashmir. Such a unilateral move is a threat to regional security 
and stability. China wants to restore pre status. It is India which forced china into Kashmir dispute. 
Hindu nationalism which is prevalent in India. It is the source of many conflicts with many regional countries such as Pakistan, China, and Nepal. The main point is to be noted here that the United States and United state is turned blind eye to violence action by India in the region.
 On the other hand, China's remarkable social and economic development challenges the united State's influence in South Asia that why the United States wants to push India against the muscular rise of China. Regardless, how confidence   India is and how he feels about other regional states but his all actions are failed.

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