Clouds of New war: United State ,Israel and Iran

Clouds of the new war: the United States, Israel and Iran
Iran judiciary says that the inhabitant of Iran will be executed shortly because he provided information to the CIA and Mossad about General Soleimani.
General soleimani was the supreme commander of Iran which was killed by us drone attack.
There was deep concern about the killing of the supreme commander.
Iran will take revenge one day and the day is not far away.
Executed citizen provides important information and day due to which CIA drone killed the supreme commander.
Now the also stop the IAEA commission to monitor Iran nuclear program.
The relation is very estranged.
Soleimani had tremendous power and influence in his position and he was indispensable as an architect who spread and maintained Iran’s influence in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen.
The United States considers it a terrorist and Iran considers it a hero.
Some experts say that it may a blow to the present scenario in which blame games can be sprinkle.

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