Corona in china is back?

Corona in china is back?

Dozens of people tested positive for coronavirus in Beijing after parts of the city were closed on Saturday following the formation of a new group linked to the wholesale food market.
In Fengtai County, south of Beijing, people were ordered to live in 11 residential properties, and the nearby Zanfadi Bazaar was closed after authorities contained the blast, causing local broadcasts to re-emerge.  There was fear.  the wind is blowing.  Most of the domestic infections reported on Saturday were linked to breast and vegetable markets, health officials said.  At least one case is serious, Xinhua's state news agency said.  Peng Zheng, a city health official, later told reporters that 45 other asymptomatic cases were discovered in the market on Friday after a massive inspection of about 2,000 workers.
Six new domestic cases were reported on Saturday, including three market workers, Zin Fadi, a market observer, and two employees at the Met Research Center in China, seven kilometers away.  An employee went to the market last week.

     Authorities closed the seafood market on Friday, which was mixed with the patient to collect disinfection and samples.

     Reporters saw hundreds of police officers wearing masks and gloves and deployed dozens of paramilitary troops in both markets, none of whom were allowed to enter Zin Fadi.   Fengtai officials, with a population of more than 2 million, announced on Saturday that the district had developed a "wartime mechanism" to deal with the new wave

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