Halime Hatun loves Pakistan

 Halime Hatun loves Pakistan

Famous Turkish actress Isra Beljik says she is very interested in learning about Kashmir and wants to visit Kashmir for her documentaries.

Actress Isra Beljik, who played the lead role of Halima Sultan in the Turkish drama series "Ertglol Ghazi", recently took a photoshoot and an interview for a popular Pakistani magazine. Photos of Isha's photoshoot are going viral on social media.

Isra Belgium is not only a famous Turkish actress but she is also studying law.

Explaining his project, Isra Beljik said that destroyed agricultural areas, forests destroyed by urban areas and animal habitats that could return to their former fertile states in a short time. It doesn't matter how much we harm nature, but every time we go to nature, nature embraces us.

"I want to go to those villages and mountainous areas that are facing difficulties due to natural resources and financial problems," he added. I want to help the local people, listen to their problems, take pictures of them and make them aware of their problems around the world.

Isra Baljik also said that he wants to come to Pakistan for his project. "I hope this will be my first visit to Pakistan as part of this documentary project," he said. I want to make geographical maps, pictures of plants and exotic places. I love the mountains of Babusar Kagan Valley. Apart from this, camps are also planned in Lipa Valley of Azad Kashmir and Dewasi area of ​​Gilgit-Baltistan.
In last she said that she is very thankful to all Pakistani people which they admired their role in drama

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