Islam is the religion of peace

Islam is not spread on the base of the sword

All the Companions who bowed before him on three continents, including Khalid bin Waleed and Umar Farooq, were as brave before Islam as they were after accepting Islam. Most of them spent more than half of their lives accepting Islam. 

 They had reached an age when human habits usually did not change radically, but before converting to Islam they had never been able to go beyond the minor tribal wars, their international exposure was just that.  Some had traveled to Africa, Iran, and Eastern Europe for trade once and a half in their lives, but never had the idea in their hearts to extend their influence beyond the tribes around Mecca.  It was the experience of some of their own tribes to be entangled with other tribes in some contentious matters, some of them had the experience of fighting the robbers who looted the trade caravans as they traveled with the trade caravans as bodyguards, then what happened that it became common  After the brave tribesmen converted to Islam, they overcame the Arab and non-Arab civilizations in Baraha.
  If the sword had played a key role in the spread of Islam, these people would have already conquered Iran, Iraq, and Syria, at least as far as Islam, because of their fighting skills and bravery, because Islam did not give them the sword or Islam.  Knowledge of swordsmanship.
 Islam proved to be a treasure of knowledge and exposure. Thanks to the knowledge that Islam gave them in the form of faith, these people succeeded in overthrowing a proud civilization like the Iranians and a great and dictatorial empire like Rome.
 Now, look at the other foundation of Islam, which was undoubtedly laid by the first two Rightly Guided Caliphs.  These two gentlemen were not traditional warriors.  Although they took part in every battle with the Prophet (peace be upon him) and fought each time with the spirit of martyrdom, they cannot be called warriors by any definition of a warrior.  Both were brilliant intellectuals and sociologists.  The Qur'an and the companionship of the Prophet Muhammad taught him the wisdom necessary for statesmanship and made him one of the best political scientists.  They had become multi-disciplinary think tanks in their own right.  Imagine what a tribal warrior or general could have done in times of famine, such as suspending the caliph's punishment for theft.
 From creating administrative offices to creating an efficient taxation structure and a dynamic judicial system,
 From establishing a fair system of distribution and delivery of resources to all sections of society to establishing an automated and dynamic system of education and training of citizens.
 Hundreds of decisions by the first two Rightly Guided Caliphs, from the expulsion of military barracks to the establishment of small new and planned settlements outside the cities, prove that the knowledge and exposure given by Islam turned them into such intellectuals.  Who succeeded in making the tribal society a civilization that was intellectually superior to other civilizations.
 When a civilization succeeds in creating the impression in the minds of its people and those associated with opposing civilizations that it has moral and intellectual superiority over the rest, the reasons for the dominance of that civilization are automatically created.
 The first two Rightly Guided Caliphs rendered such a great service to Islam that they transformed the fragmented Islamic society into a civilization that even its enemies who knew about it were subconsciously convinced of its superiority.

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