New knowledge about Dark matter

 New knowledge about Dark matter

Scientists exploring the existence of 'dark matter' in the universe have found a signal that is currently unexplained.

Dark matter is a substance found in the universe whose existence cannot be directly observed, but the existence of this mysterious matter can be confirmed under the principle of gravity.

Scientists who have discovered this unknown signal are working on a scientific project called Xenon OneT, which aims to study the dark matter in the universe.

what is dark matter?

Dark meters make up about 85% of the matter in the universe, but the nature and composition of dark matter is still a mystery.

Dark meters do not reflect or emit any light that is identifiable or can be detected by a device. This is the mystery of why it has been called 'dark matter' or dark matter.

Possible explanation unknown signal

There are three possible explanations for the unknown signal received on Xenon OneT. One is that this may be due to a darker, still-unrecognizable particle called 'Xian'. And we will need modern physics to explain the other two explanations.

So far, scientists have only seen indirect evidence of dark matter. What exactly is this substance and its indirect detection of particles has not yet been completed by scientists.

There are many theories as to what this substance might be.

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