Russia direction in the tense relation between China and India

 Russia direction in the tense relation between China and India

India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is on a three-day visit to Russia.  He will also hold speeches with Russian military officials and participate in a famous military parade marking the 75th anniversary of Soviet victory in Nazi Germany in World War II.

  It was the first foreign visit by an old Union Minister out of the Code 19 epidemic and a four-month travel ban.

  Russia's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh's visit comes at a time when India is at loggerheads with China in Ladakh.

  Rajnath Singh tweeted before going to Moscow on Monday.

The relation between Russia and India

According to senior officials of the Indian Ministry of Defense, "The visit of the Defense Forces is an opportunity to strengthen India-Russia defence cooperation, as well as strategic partnerships between the two countries."

   One misconception of India's relations with Russia is that "there are historical ties between the two countries and if India has a war with any country, Russia will help India."

   But according to Professor Harsh Pant, an expert on international affairs and head of the Observer Research Foundation's strategic study program, things have never been easier.

   "Russia is good that India is a democracy, while China is a kind of dictatorship," he said.  As a result, Russia considers India's relations more friendly and is the case of India and Russia on the basis of ancient relations.  But things have changed over the last decade.  Russia's relations with China are particularly strong.

   "The situation is not particularly challenging for Russia," he said.  Pakistan's population is small and its area is very large from Europe to Asia.  The United States has set standards all over the world, but the challenge for Russia is to save such a large area of ​​technological assistance, so it cannot tolerate an unhappy situation around its borders.  Russia and China's eastern border does not like tensions at all, and China is taking advantage of it.  Russia, on the other hand, is at odds with the United States and some of its European allies.  In this case, Russia has limited opportunities.

   "Here, India is trying to bring new dimensions to Russia's relations, as relations between the two countries are now limited in defence. In any case, the two countries are very different," as China and Russia come closer to each other.  the other in the Indo-Pacific approach.  That is why negotiations between India and Russia are so important India wants Russia to put pressure on China to keep China calm in Ladakh.

   The Russian ambassador to Moscow has also raised concerns with India about Russia for a long time, and Russia has assured him that if India's dispute with China escalates, all efforts will be made to calm it down.

The relation between China and Russia

It has been the concept of a very polar world, but in this case, China has a long ideological difference with Russia, and China sometimes considers Russia closer to India.  At the same time, if there is a conflict between China and India, Russia's international situation will also be affected, and Russia understands that.  It is clear to the minds of those in power in Russia that the day India explodes, Russia will have the most problems with China because China is gradually gaining ground in Central Asia, which was once part of the Soviet Union.

Can Russia pressure China?

Russia is a weak power that desperately needs China's help to stand up.  Russia's economy is in crisis and China needs help.  In such a case, India should see with open eyes that India is an important partner for Russia, but it is not in a position to support India unilaterally.

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