Sex scandal arise when United Nation criticised the annexation plan of Israel

 Sex scandal arise when United Nation criticised the annexation plan of Israel

Will the UN Sex Scandal help Netanyahu's Annexation Plan? Experts wonder what is the importance of the abrupt rise of a UN Sex Scandal in Israel and will it help Netanyahu's Annexation Plan? An 18-second video wherein a lady wearing a red shirt is obviously riding over a man in a United Nations (UN) 4X4 Vehicle. Video rose in the Israeli capital city of Tel Aviv and has been slanting over the United States and Europe for as far back as 24 hours.

This embarrassment has out of nowhere risen when United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guetteras had taken a solid position restricting Israeli PM Netanyahu's Annexation plan for Jordan Valley and West Bank.

Netanyahu plan of Annexation Plan

Netanyahu Annexation Plan? Israeli PM had made a political decision vow in April that whenever chose he will join Jordan Valley and Israeli settlements in West Bank into Israel appropriate. Israel has just attached Golan Heights this year that were seized from Syria in the 1967 Arab Israel War.

There was the inadequate response from Arab states on these ongoing extensions and Trump Administration unequivocally sponsored Netanyahu's Annexation Plan.

Netanyahu anyway needs to finish this addition before the US appointment of November 2020 in light of the fact that he is worried that any adjustment in the US government issues may make it troublesome and any future organization, even of Donald Trump, will be unable to back him the manner in which this organization has been doing.

Indeed, even the Arab states like UAE that are vocal about improving relations with Israel are concerned that addition will chafe Arab road, destabilize Jordan (that has colossal Palestinian populace) and will make it hard to keep improving relations with Israel. UAE's Minister of State, Otaiba, and its Ambassador to Washington as of late made an open intrigue to the Israel residents to dismiss Netanyahu's addition plan in light of a legitimate concern for better relations among Israel and the Arab World.

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