Shadow of a new cold war between the United States and China in action

Shadow of a new cold war between the United States and China in action

The U.S. Senate on Thursday unanimously approved a bill that would impose sanctions on Chinese officials that undermine Hong Kong's sovereignty because Beijing is pushing for a controversial security law.

    The House of Representatives has not yet approved the bill, which would impose sanctions in the United States against Chinese officials and Hong Kong police, as well as banks involved in "critical transactions."

Chinese bill

The vote came as China called for a security law that would penalize the uprisings and other perceived threats in Hong Kong, which rallied last year to support the continued independence of the financial center.  There have been demonstrations.

A State Department spokesman said any attempt to enforce national security legislation that did not reflect the aspirations of the Hong Kong people would be highly destabilized and strongly condemned by the United States and the international community.  Will  State, Morgan Ortagus.

Sino-British Joint Declaration

"We urge Beijing to honor its commitments and obligations in the joint Sino-British declaration," said Ortigas.  He also said that Hong Kong will have "a high degree of sovereignty" and that the people of Hong Kong will enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms.

   He said he was working to end the independence of the people of Hong Kong.  It is the decent thing to do and it should stop there.  "

   "The adoption of the Senate resolution in Beijing is unlikely to be taken seriously because of their actions," he told the Senate.

   "And that is why it is important to really do something that shows that the Chinese government will pay the price if China continues on this path to extinguish the freedom of the people of Hong Kong."

Freedom is the greatest fear

Republican Sen. Pat Tommy, who sponsored the bill, said, "Beijing's biggest fear is that the people of the subcontinent respect the freedoms in Hong Kong and decide to give them some of them."  Will like.
    He added that there was a danger that Chinese communist leaders could not stand.
    The sanctions bill is expected to be passed easily by the Democrat-led House of Representatives, which has repeatedly punished China on rights issues and sent it to Trump for signature.
    China promised a separate system for Hong Kong before retaking Britain in 1997.  But the Beijing government has announced that a national security law is needed to end political unrest in Hong Kong.  And restore stability.

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