Spy of India, China, and the Kashmir

Spy of India arrested and the newly emerging role of china in Kashmir 

Two alleged Indian spies have been arrested from Gilgit, local police said on Friday.  The two men are from Indian-occupied Kashmir (IOK) and have been identified as Mohammad Wani and Feroz Ahmed Lone, police said.

Both were presented before media and they confessed that they are working for India.
India has always been exploiting the fault line of ethnic in Pakistan to make destabilize  Pakistan.
Indian army officers  Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is working in Pakistan, is the name of March 2016 was arrested during the intelligence operation in Balochistan and was arrested by Iran for the Journal Hussain that he was traveling on the original Indian passport under the false name of fake Hussain.
What is the real issue?
It has been more than a few decades that Kashmir has been a flashpoint between Pakistan and India. It is the territorial conflict between Pakistan and India.

New player

China is now a party to the Kashmir dispute.  China has called on India to relinquish Ladakh's new constitutional status in diplomatic talks. An alliance with Pakistan is a ploy and opposes the repeal of Modi's Article 370.

New changes due to China

Doklam, or Donglong in Chinese, is an area of ​​less than 100 square kilometers, comprising a surface and a valley between India, Bhutan, and China.  It is surrounded by the Bhuti Valley of Tibet, the Valley of Bhutan and Sikkim.
Doklam is strategically located near the Siliguri Corridor, which connects mainland India with its northeastern region.  This corridor, also known as the chicken neck, is a threat to India.

A difficult time for India

Difficult time ahead for India
As a proxy American portrait, India has taken many steps to the flexibility of its muscles. He interrupted Pakistan's attacks, the worst status of Jammu and Kashmir, Annex of Nepal Area, and the Ladakh-Tibet area. It is printing for the Indian Muslim and J. Jay, J. Noor, Kashmir, a prison, is converted on January 12, 2019. It stands for a period of time before it is difficult to time ahead for India.

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