stratageic imprtance of jordan valley for Israel

 stratageic imprtance of jordan valley for Israel

An agricultural farm, with valuable water resources, covers about one-third of the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank and is adjacent to Israel.
Interest of Israel

It was one of the two Arab nations with Egyptian Egypt to be peaceful with Israel. But the Israeli army sees the population of the valley as a potential buffer zone in the case of ground attacks. Prime Minister Benjamin Nathan Yahu declared him as "important" for Israel, his government promised to use "autonomy" in this area.

According to non-governmental organizations, about 10,000 Israeli lives live in the Jordan Valley, more than 450,000 throughout the West Bank, after that, the figure of its government agencies. According to Israeli anti-occupation biometrics, the valley is 65,000 Palestinians, including 20,000, including residents of Judah. Israeli homes were illegally seen under international law, but Washington broke this consensus in November and said Israeli courts should decide on their legalism.


Most of the Jordan Valley is already administration from Israel because it is part of the Western Bank "Zone" described in the late 1990s. The area covers about 60 per cent of the western edge, while Zone B, which is about 22% of accounting, PAL The remaining area A, which is eight large cities and cities including Jerry, Palestinian control is completely. In the south of Lake Tivers lying in the north of the Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley also has strategic for this agricultural land and dry sources. But 85% of the valley is unbelievable for Palestinians, according to B, Teslem while 56 per cent of the army is nominated for use.

Us support

This movement is largely part of the American peace plan, which is met to create a creation of a Palestinian state, but reject the main requirements of the capital to Jerusalem. The Palestinians rejected the revelation and took part in a protest in the city of Jerusalem, although other rails in the West Bank have failed to destroy a large crowd. Prime Minister Donald Trump left only his supporters in the November election. Israel must take advantage of the EU within the EU - the country's best trading partner - which is an anti-protest opposition but is divided into potential reactions.

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