Tariq Aziz:A lagent who left a glory

 Tariq Aziz:A lagent who left a glory

Tariq Aziz, the host of the decades-long program 'Auction House' in the history of Pakistani television, has passed away.

Life and history

 He died in Lahore, according to Pakistan's state radio.  Tariq Aziz was 84 years old.

 Born in Jalandhar, Tariq Aziz started his career with Radio Pakistan Lahore and was one of the first personalities to work there when Pakistan Television was launched in 1964.

 Tariq Aziz also hosted the first broadcast of Pakistan Television.

 He got his real fame from the program 'Auction House' which started in 1975 on Pakistan Television.

Tariq Aziz was awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence by the Government of Pakistan in 1992 for his services.

    A collection of Tariq Aziz's columns was published under the name 'Dastan' while a collection of Punjabi poems was published under the name 'Hamzad Da Dokh'.

    Tariq Aziz is also good at politics and when he was a supporter of the Pakistan People's Party as a student, he was elected a member of the National Assembly in 1997 on a PML-N ticket.

    In the 1997 elections, Tariq Aziz defeated the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

    He was also convicted by the Supreme Court for being involved in a raid on the Supreme Court building during the PML-N regime.

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