The shocking report of CIA about Killing of American army men

 The shocking report of CIA about Killing of American army men

Referring to authorities informed on the issue, the Times said the United States decided months prior that a Russian military insight unit connected to death endeavours in Europe had offered prizes for effective assaults a year ago.

Islamist activists, or equipped criminal components firmly connected with them, are accepted to have gathered some abundance cash, the paper said.

The White House, the CIA, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined demands from Reuters for input on the Times report.
CIA report

President Donald Trump has been informed on the insight finding, the Times said. It said the White House still can't seem to approve any means against Russia in light of the bounties.

Of the 20 Americans killed in battle in 2019, the Times stated, it was not satisfactory which passings were under doubt.

After almost 20 years of battling the Taliban, the United States is searching for an approach to remove itself from Afghanistan and to accomplish a harmony between the US-upheld government and the aggressor gathering, which controls wraps of the nation.

On Feb 29, the United States and the Taliban struck an arrangement that required a staged US troop withdrawal.

US troop quality in Afghanistan is down to almost 8,600, well in front of a timetable concurred with the Taliban, to a limited extent due to worries about the spread of the coronavirus, US and NATO authorities said in late May.

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