Trump accused protestor of low turn out

 Trump accused protestor of low turn out

President Donald Trump's re-election campaign on Sunday accuses protesters of creating a chaotic environment and a frustrated crowd at his rally in Tulsa to prevent supporters from taking the field.

    The White House has promised a "very interesting event" - Trump's first rally in three months - to fill 100,000 people, but television footage shows several sections of seats missing it's within 19,000
the capacity of BOK Center.

Outdoor activities were cut off for the overcrowded crowd as no one demonstrated it despite focusing on the huge interest ahead of time despite a campaign of over one million.  Ticket Request

   Mercedes Slap, Trump's senior campaign manager, told Fox News Sunday that participants could not enter the BOK centre.

There were reasons for this, such as the concern of the protesters.  "The demonstrators stopped (the participants)," Slap said.

   "And so we see that it affects the conditions of the people who go to the rally."

   Scalap said there are families who "do not want to take their children with them" because of the protesters' fears.

   Slap cited an explanation for the first time on Saturday by Trump's campaign communications director, Tim Morto, who said the protesters had "even banned access to metal catchers, which could lead to metal catchers."  Access is restricted to people entering. "

   But journalists on the ground say they see no problem in trying to get people in.

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