Trump new immigrant law: Amerca first

Trump new immigrant law: Amerca  first

Speaking to the US Broadcasting Corporation, President Donald Trump has decided to end the easing of visa policy to prevent immigrants from coming to work abroad in view of the Corona epidemic and rising unemployment at the local level.
In response to a question from Fox News, President Trump said that few people would be exempt from the visa policy, which would be the toughest visa policy ever. In the current economic climate, Americans have the first right to the jobs available. It cannot be reserved for those coming from abroad.
In an interview with Fox News, President Trump declined to elaborate on the new visa ban, but critics say the president wants to use the Corona epidemic as an excuse to fulfil his old intention of banning refugees. Are In the next presidential election, radicals could win American votes.

On the other hand, major technology companies in the United States have warned that stopping outsourcing to foreign countries will cause huge damage to the US economy.

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