Trump on Twitter

 Trump to protestor

President Donald Trump issued a stern warning to protesters in Washington on Tuesday, vowing to use force if they tried to create an "autonomous zone" free of US police.  The proposed DC Autonomous Zone is not free of police and has been pushed by activists in response to police brutality over the assassination of George Floyd.

Trump tweets

Trump tweeted Tuesday morning, "I authorize the federal government to suspend or destroy any monument, statue, or other such federal property in the United States."  He could face up to a year in prison. "

Protesters in central Seattle formed an "autonomous zone" two weeks ago, sparking outrage among conservatives.

     Twitter announced that Trump's use of the threat violated its policies, and added a warning tag to "serious force" tweets to allow users to see Trump's words.  It should click.

     The company said in a statement that the tweet violated Twitter's misuse laws.

American history personalities

As the roots of the anti-racism revolutions in the United States diminish the monuments of personalities associated with the history of the nation of slavery, historical characters have been replaced in the light of those who have long been considered indispensable.  Demonstrations against racism in the United States have called into question the dignity of American maps and criticized public figures in public discourse.

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