Trump wants to replace China with Turkey

 Trump wants to replace China with Turkey

 A Turkish-American business council, with the help of influential US Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, a close ally of President Donald J. Trump, is presenting Turkey as a trade alternative to China.  Turkey's goal is to change China's position as a trading partner of the United States, as China's geopolitical ambitions increase tensions between China and the United States.

  Turkish efforts two weeks after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched a new era in long-running strained relations with Washington

Turkey effort

Mr Graham agreed to attend a webinar hosted by the Turkish-American Business Council (TIC) affiliated with the country's oldest and largest trade association, the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK), and its relations with Russia.  Amid efforts to improve relations with Turkey and the United States.

   "Increasing trade between the United States and China has created significant opportunities for geopolitical cooperation. Turkey and the United States are equally benefiting the economy," said a Turkish businessman.

Turkey in Libya

In the event of a coup in Turkey, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) will be able to support Russia and its allies in the fight against terrorism.  The same thing applies with e-mails or electronic drones or Russian anti-defence missile systems.

In the case of Egypt, G. Haftar for an approved end to the Libyan uprising, the government has promised to push for more oil-rich control in the southeast.  Turkey has withdrawn the GNA's refusal to negotiate with Mr Haftar.

   Egyptian President Abdul Farrah's Al-Sisi suggested this weekend that Egyptian troops could intervene if GNA forces attacked Siirt.  An intervention by the Egyptians could have led to the Turkish battlefield and further deceiving the Turkish administration of differences as Russia.

Turkey last month allowed twice-weekly cargo flights between Istanbul and Tel Aviv via Israel's national carrier LL, despite strained relations with the Jewish state.  Two of the flights attempted to carry medical supplies from Turkey to the United States.  Flights to Turkey were LL's first in ten years.

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