what is out there?

 what is out there?

So far, Earth has been unique in its ability to accommodate life in the universe, leaving us wondering if we are really alone.

   maybe not.

   According to a new study, scientists have calculated that our Milky Way galaxy may contain at least 36 active and communicative intelligent civilizations.  However, due to time and distance, we will never know whether they exist or not.

"The new research shows that the search for intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations not only reveals the existence of life but also gives us an indication of the duration of our own civilization," Conclais said.

   "If we know that intelligent life is normal, then it shows that our civilization can be much longer than a few hundred years, otherwise if we know that there is no active civilization in our galaxy.  If so, this is it. A bad sign for our own term. In search of intelligent extraterrestrial life - even if we find nothing - we will discover our future and our destiny. "

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