Attack on sindh ranger

Who is the Sindh Revolutionary Army who claimed responsibility for the attacks on Rangers in Karachi?

A grenade attack outside the Ehsas Program Center in Karachi, Pakistan's largest city, has killed one person and injured eight others, including a Ranger. The banned Sindh Desh Revolutionary Army has claimed responsibility for attacks on Rangers in Karachi and Ghotki. A statement issued by the organization said that the attacks were carried out while offering a national salute to Niaz Lashari.
Sindh Additional IG Anti-Terrorism Department Dr Jamil Ahmed claimed that a local group was involved in the Karachi and Ghotki attacks, which had the support of Balochistan militants, the neighbouring country and the London group.

He said the group had been trained by Balochistan militants and that the explosives they used were available locally.
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