Karnal Sher Khan: Lion of Kargil War

 Karnal Sher Khan: Lion of Kargil War

We seldom see the enemy army paying homage to the bravery of an enemy and telling its opponents that the bravery of such and such a soldier must be commended.

Karnal Sher Khan in Kargil War

    A similar incident took place during the Kargil War in 1999 when Colonel Sher Khan, the captain of the Pakistan Army, fought so bravely on the Tiger Hill front that the Indian Army recognized his bravery.
Brigadier MS Bajwa, who commanded the fight told that: "When this war ended, I was convinced of this officer. I also fought the 1971 war. I was never a Pakistani officer.  The rest of the Pakistani soldiers were in pyjamas and he was alone in a tracksuit.
Colonel Sher joined the Pakistan Military Academy in October 1992.  When he arrived, he had a beard.  He was asked to shave, but he refused.

    During his last session, he was again told that he was performing well.  If you clean your beard, you can get a good publication.
    But still, he refused.  Despite this, he was promoted to the rank of Quarter Battalion Chief.
    Ali Hussain, a junior at the Pakistan Military Academy, said: "His English was very good. He played" Scrabble "with other officers and often won.

 who was  Karnal Sher Khan in the Kargil war?

Captain Colonel Sher Khan was born in the village of Nawakli in the present-day Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.
His grandfather had participated in the 1948 campaign in Kashmir. He liked soldiers in uniform, so when a grandson was born to him, he made the word colonel part of his name.

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